With the name Tuscan it better be made with quality, and Brahmin bags has surpassed all expectations with this new Classic Tuscan collection of handbags.  The black leather is Italian Berkshire and made to last a lifetime.  The trim is a chocolate color and crocodile design, making it the perfect design for elegance and beauty in a purse.  All kinds if styles come in the Tuscany design, including, Tara, Tora, Tristen, Linda, Teddy, Louise, Tony, Laura, Selma and many others.  Get a great deal on one of the ebay auctions going on right now below.  These are live auctions and these Tuscan purses sell very fast, so if you see what you like go ahead and buy it.  Many of them can be purchased right away without having to wait for an auction.  Feel free to browse the selection.
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